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Are you looking for a punctual, precise and efficient supplier to offer you the highest quality products at an affordable price? Here we are! Idrogrow deals with the wholesale of items, tools and equipment for indoors, outdoors, hydroponics and aeroponics. We always have the best products of the most famous and not so famous brands in stock, to supply your shelves with quality items and proposals for your customers.

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In this section you will find all our offers on lighting, one of the fundamental elements in indoor cultivation. We offer LED, HPS, MH and CMH lamps, reflectors, complete kits of the best brands available on the market.

Fans and exhaust fans

Air management is as important as lighting and it is essential to ensure that the plants do not suffer and are able to work well with the light and fertilisers we provide them with. In this section you will find exhaust fans, fans and everything you need to control the flow of air in and out.

Automated dosers

Modern automation systems for supplying nutrients and water to plants make it easier for growers in their daily work, creating a perfect environment for healthy and robust growth. In this section you will find everything you need for a perfect system.

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Grow Rooms

Grow rooms, grow boxes, grow tents and cultivation systems suitable for all stages of plant development will be available to you in this section of the e-shop. Check the products that can satisfy your customers in the most suitable manner and buy them here!


A healthy and robust plant needs the substrate and the nutrients that are supplied to it. In this category you will find a wide choice of soils and fertilisers to ensure healthy and protected growth of the plant.


Complete grow kits and state of the art hydroponic systems for small spaces for both small and large crops. Find and buy the items that you can offer in your store catalogue. Offer your customers a highly varied and heterogeneous choice.

We offer our customers only products from the best brands.

Measurement tools

The management of parameters such as PH/EC temperature, humidity and light is essential to guarantee the plants the most suitable and favourable environment for growth. Using the most appropriate tools to measure these parameters will facilitate their programming.


Here you will find all the elements necessary to create an automatic irrigation, dosing and nutrient supply system that is perfectly functional for your plants. Modern drainage systems and cutting-edge water management techniques will facilitate cultivation.

Collectible seeds

Buy certified feminised, autoflowering or certified seeds for your collection here. A wide selection of original brands of the highest quality for the most sought after genetics of hemp and cannabis. A legal choice and completely in accordance with the law.